4 Common Reasons for Sewer Line Clogs in Denver Homes

4 Common Reasons for Sewer Line Clogs in Denver Homes

Clogs are common plumbing issues that homes across the Denver area can experience at any time. Homeowners who’ve experienced clogs often understand the easy nature of fixing them. Whether it’s a larger clog that requires professional repair or a smaller clog that can be addressed with a plunger, single clogs are usually just minor inconveniences. However, if your home is experiencing multiple drains backing up, this is a sign of concern. When you’re entire plumbing system is impacted, it is likely that you have a sewer line clog. Contact your Eagle Drain professional as soon as possible if you are experiencing multiple drain backups. Here are the four most common reasons for sewer line clogs:

The Top Reasons for Denver Sewer Line Clogs

  1. Improper garbage disposal use: Throwing leftover food, grease, and other debris down your garbage disposal can cause significant clogs in your drain. It’s always a good idea to choose your trashcan instead and make sure you have a kitchen sink strainer in place.
  2. Improper toilet care: While it’s usually common knowledge for homeowners to not flush foreign objects down the toilet, there is a wide misconception regarding “flushable” items. Flushable tampons, wipes, diapers, and even facial tissue can cause serious sewer line clogs. We advise only flushing human waste and toilet paper down your toilet.
  3. Tree roots: Tree roots are the top cause of sewer line clogs due to their persistent nature. They’re drawn to the condensation around your pipes and find ways of penetrating them for the wastewater inside. Once they’re in, they’ll expand over time with water access, leading to serious clogs.
  4. Damaged sewer lines: With age, your sewer lines will inevitably deteriorate and experience cracks, corrosion, damage, and even full failure. Once compromised, debris and dirt can easily reach the inside of your pipes causing a whole-house backup.

Work with Denver’s Leading Sewer Line Repair Plumbers

Eagle Drain is honored to be the leading sewer line repair plumbers serving the Denver metro area. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services with fast, reliable repairs. For more information regarding sewer line repair, please contact us!

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