4 Warning Signs That Your Denver Sewer Line Is Damaged

4 Warning Signs That Your Denver Sewer Line Is Damaged

Being a homeowner requires a lot of work and upkeep. In order to prevent larger issues from happening, it is important to be familiar with all the working components of your home. There are warning signs that you can learn, visual inspections you can conduct, and general information to be aware of in case of emergency. One of the most important systems in your home that can be often overlooked is the sewer system. Your sewer lines can become damaged by a variety of things– tree roots, pouring grease down your drain, improper toilet flushing, and old age. Here are the four warning signs you should be aware of that can indicate sewer line damage:

The Warning Signs That Your Denver Sewer Line Needs Repair

  1. Multiple clogs: While one occasional clog is nothing to worry about, multiple clogs throughout your home is one of the most significant indicators that you’re experiencing an issue with your sewer line. Whole-home backups are generally caused by blockage or sewer line break.
  2. Frequent drain backups: Again, an occasional backup shouldn’t be anything to worry about. However, if you are experiencing frequent backups, this is an area for concern. Frequent backups aren’t normal and typically indicate an issue with your sewer pipe.
  3. Strange plumbing fixture reactions: Unusual plumbing behavior can range from your toilet flushing causing the shower to back up to strange noises when you flush. If you hear any gurgling noises when you drain your tub or flush your toilet, you should call your AppleTree plumber.
  4. Noticeable lawn changes: Sewer lines generally go through your front yard and connect with the city’s sewer system. Checking your lawn for indentations or soggy patches periodically is a great way to catch a sewer problem. If there hasn’t been any recent snow or rain, you probably have a sewer line break.

Work with Denver’s Preferred Sewer Line Repair Plumbers

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