The Concern with DIY Drain Cleaning for Denver Homes

The Concern with DIY Drain Cleaning for Denver Homes

Experiencing clogs is just a part of being a homeowner. When Denver homeowners come across clogs, many individuals turn straight to liquid chemical plumbing agents. We don’t blame you– this is actually a common misconception. Liquid plumbing agents are destructive and are very harmful to your sewer system’s pipes. Don’t cause permanent damage to your home’s pipes, instead opt for an all-natural enzymatic product. Another thing to be aware of is the preventative techniques available for maintaining your home’s sewer system.

Preventative DIY Drain Cleaning for Your Denver Home

All-natural enzymatic products are only effective for breaking down organic matter and bacteria. If you have a major clog, you’ll need to call a professional. Here are some great preventative tips that any homeowner can take advantage of each month:

  • Hot water: Take a large pot of very hot water and pour it down your drain. Make sure the water isn’t boiling. Pour cool water down the drain afterward to help melt away any existing residue on the inside of your pipes.
  • Vinegar and baking soda: We recommend doing this once a month in all your drains to keep everything working like new. Take a half cup of baking soda and pour it down your drain. Follow it with a half cup of vinegar. Plug your drains and let the solution sit overnight. In the morning, pour hot water down your drain to flush out the debris.

Work with Denver’s Leading Drain Cleaning Plumbers

Eagle Drain is honored to be the leading drain cleaning plumbers serving the Denver area. We work with the latest technology to provide effective, reliable solutions for drain cleaning. With 365/24/7 availability, we’re happy to provide emergency drain cleaning services for all of our clients. For more information regarding DIY tips or professional drain cleaning, please contact us!

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