Ways to Keep Your Denver Home Clog-Free During the Holidays

Ways to Keep Your Denver Home Clog-Free During the Holidays

The holiday season is the most common time for clogs in Denver homes, making it important to be aware of the elevated risk for your home’s sewer system. With family and friends gathering in your home to celebrate over food, there’s often a lot of food that’s thrown away making your garbage disposal work harder than usual. Guests that are unfamiliar with your home’s sewer system can also accidentally cause clogs. Here are some great alternative ways of keeping your home clog-free this holiday season:

 Alternative Ways for Keeping Your Denver Home Clog-Free

  • Leftovers and portion control: There are so many fun recipes online that can repurpose your leftovers and help eliminate food waste. When you’re planning your holiday meals, consider portion control for minimizing waste as well.
  • Recycle cooking oil: Cooking oils are detrimental to your home’s sewer system. Instead of tossing them down your kitchen drain, consider recycling your cooking oil. Many local municipalities have oil recycling programs. If there isn’t one available around you, make sure to dispose of your oil in the trash.
  • Composting: Starting a compost is a great alternative for throwing away your leftovers. Compositing has a lot of benefits that any homeowner can take advantage of.
  • Manage your grease: Whether you’re making a Christmas ham or steaks for New Year’s, grease is something you’ll have to manage. Skip throwing your grease down the drain. Instead, put it in a container to let it cool and solidify.

Work with Denver’s Leading Clogged Drain Repair Plumbers

Eagle Drain is honored to be the leading clogged drain repair plumbers serving the Denver area. We’re available 365/24/7 all holiday season to ensure you have the professional help you need if you encounter a clog. Always minimize what you’re pouring down your garbage disposal in order to keep it in great working condition. For more information regarding clogged drain repair, please contact us!

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